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Why Watts of Power

Working across all aspects of domestic, commercial electrical and renewable energy sectors, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and excellent customer service recognize the importance of responsive communication. Watts of Power are an accredited solar and battery installer with the Clean Energy Council and a registered electrical contractor.

Our services

Solar PV system installation

We specialise in the supply and installation of solar PV systems and can cater to all your requirements for solar solutions.

Battery Installation

We provide battery installation services, enabling you to store excess electricity that has been generated during the day.

Domestic and commercial electrical work

As a registered electrical contractor, we offer domestic and commercial electrical services.

Data and home theatre installation

We offer data and home theatre systems installation, customised to your needs.

Automatic gate and garage doors installation

We provide installation and servicing for garage doors and automatic gates

What people think of us
5 Stars

Amazing service and excellent communication. Right from the start, the quotation process was outstanding compared to other highly rated installers. I was impressed by the level of detail provided. I highly recommend Watts of Power and would choose them again in the future if I need to.

Andrea Williamstown
5 Stars

Great solar system, excellent workmanship, very professional people, they got the job done on time, from start to finish they were excellent.

Matt Yarraville
5 Stars

Great customer service , Best value for money .Had a very quick implementation done for me.

Sarah Essendon

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How it works

We personalise our service and solutions to transform your access to renewable energy.

Step 01
Site visit and assessment

Upon visiting your property our installers will assess your roof suitability for an installation and most suitable location for the inverter. The installer will also take a copy of your most recent electricity bill to assess how much power is used and therefore required at the home.

Step 02
Pre-approval from Power Company

This stage involves informing the power company of the intention to install a system and obtaining the permission to connect.

Step 03
Quotation and Eligibility Assessment

A thorough quotation will then be provided, which will include the recommended system size and specifications, along with any possible savings that may be generated by the system.

The costs of the system installation which includes the panels, the inverter, the install, STC rebates and Solar victoria rebates if eligible will also be clearly defined on your quote and any questions the customer may have can be discussed.
Eligibility for Solar Victoria rebates may vary from customer to customer and is individual to each install.

Step 04

Once the quotation is accepted by the customer and pre-approval by the power authority has been finalized, we will then book a suitable day to complete the installation. In most cases the installation can be completed in one day.

Step 05
Commissioning of system

Once the system is in place, the installer will then organise for an independent electrical inspector to attend the property to test the system and perform any final checks. Once the inspector has signed off, the system will then be operational- However your feed in tariffs will not be available until the certificate and electrical work request (EWR) has been submitted to your power authority by the installer, this process usually takes approximately 14 days.

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Save money on your bills
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a feed in tariff?
This is how much your energy provider will pay you for each kilowatt hour your system generates.
Do my solar panels need to be cleaned?
We recommend once a year before peak usage in Summer, to ensure the system is working efficiently. Like car windows that get dusty and dirty panels also become dirty over time this can reduce their efficiency so an annual clean is recommended to ensure they are running optimally.
How many solar panels do I need/ What size system should I get?
We recommend the average household has at a least 5-7 kilowatt system installed as this provides the majority of power needed to cover most of your daytime electricity needs. However, this does depend on your individual roof size and your power usage needs. For example if you have a swimming pool that requires constant power for heating then we would recommend a larger system to be installed. Your power bill will assist us to calculate how much you could potentially save and will assist us to determine the most suitable size system.
Do I make money from the power company if I generate excess electricity with my solar system?
While you don’t make money back you can earn credits towards your next bill. For most people a Solar PV system significantly reduces the overall costs of your electricity bills making household electricity usage much more affordable.
Can any roof type/house have solar panels placed on them?
90% of roof types can panels placed on them, however there are some cases it may not be possible. This will all be assessed upon visiting your property.
Should I get a Battery storage system installed as well?
The benefit of having a battery system installed is you can store any excess electricity you generate during the day. As the feed in tariffs are minimal and energy prices are rising; it is beneficial to have batteries to store the excess energy rather than feeding it back into the grid, then when the sun goes does and peak energy usage time kicks in (eg, in the evenings when everyone’s home) you can draw on the stored energy in the battery to power your home. This results in a further reduction in your power bills because you are not using grid power during peak times.